Robert Lockhart

Robert is a London based Scottish actor.
Robert is a charismatic actor with a powerful prescence and He has worked extensively in theatre and more recently film. He has just completed filming with Ray Burdiss in his latest feature THE WEE MAN based on the life of Paul Ferris.

Robert Lockhart

Along with his Production & Writing partner Mr Dee Tails Robert has set up RnD Productions with the express aim of producing high-end TV & Features. Their first major project 2Valuable is already garnering interest with the creative aspects in place and financing under way.

An RnD Production

2Valuable is a weird-science/action TV series being produced by Robert Lockhart and Dee Tails who together form RnD Productions.
The visual concept, pilot script & series outline are in place and Rob & Dee are delighted to report that there is a great buzz surrounding the project.

The focus now is making it real and RnD are pulling together the financing & investment required for that to happen.